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7 Things to do in Engelberg in the Summer

Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Engelberg is often thought of as a winter wonderland. But if you visit Engelberg in the summer months, you will find it an oasis of green.

With towering mountains and ski slopes that turn into hiking and biking trails during summer, there is plenty of fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Things to do in Engelberg in the Summer

Things to do in Engelberg in the Summer

If you are visiting Engelberg in the summer months, there is plenty to do! Here are some of our favorite things to consider.

1. Visit Engelberg Abbey

One of the town’s most popular tourist spots, Engelberg Abbey is a fascinating place to visit.

It was founded in 1120, it has gone through several epidemics and fires, and what stands now is a 1729 Baroque monastery complex.

A guided tour of the abbey and church is available almost every day.

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The church is stunning and filled with such beautiful artistic details, you will want to make sure that you spend time seeing it up close.

Guests can tour the library & see hand-illustrated Medieval texts and even writings by Martin Luther.

Monks continue the tradition of cheese making and guests can actually watch them make cheese & sample cheese & yogurt while visiting.

Make sure you have Swiss Franc available because that is what you will use to enter.

2. Escapre to Eienwäldli

One of the places you should visit when in Engelberg in the summer is Eienwäldli, located near the Fürenalp.

While it’s a popular place for camping, those looking to get into nature will find it is a great place to explore.

Eienwäldli waterfall

It is filled with walking trails & bike paths that will take you over bubbling brooks and up close to natural waterfalls.

Even if you only spend an hour here, you will see why it made my list of things to do in Engelberg.

3. Take the Fürenalp

Take this small cable car 1850 meters above sea level to the Fürenalp to get a unique view of the Alps and the town below.

It runs about every 15 minutes in the summer.

Once you are up there, you will find numerous things you can do, from hiking to paragliding! It is truly a nature-lovers paradise.

Here are some activities you can do:

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4. Globi’s Alpine Playground

Those traveling with kids will be happy to let them get out some energy by playing at the playground that sits atop the mountain!

There are so many cool things for the kids to immerse themselves in that you will have a hard time pulling them away!

Engelberg-Titlis Tourism

5. Ride Summer Toboggan Run

Along with a playground, you will also find a 660-meter long toboggan run! Rides down the toboggan run can be purchased in for one, three, five, eleven & fifty runs.

Those 8 years old and older may ride solo, younger children must have a companion that is at least 12.

The top of Fürenalp in the summer is also where you will be able to do some incredible hiking.

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6. Hike the Grotzli Trail

This trail is great for families. The walkable circular allows you to see beautiful plants and trees along with creatures like marmots, butterflies, frogs & mountain goats.

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7. Enjoy the Apline Cheese Trail

During the summer months, when you hike Fürenalp you can enjoy the Alpine Cheese Trail where different alpine huts serve regional dishes. 

While doing the whole trail make take you a full day, it is possible to just do part of the trail when you don’t have the time to devote that kind of time.

If you are looking for a summer vacation destination with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, Engelberg, Switzerland should be at the top of your list.

How to Get to Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg is located 30 minutes by car from Lucerne, 1 hour and 15 minutes from Zurich and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Basel along the Motorway A2 (Basel – Gotthard). Take exit Stans-Süd and follow the main road 20 km to Engelberg.

Engelberg is easily accessible by a train journey from Lucerne, taking you through some of the most scenic routes and offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Alpine landscapes.

You can also train from Zurich, but will have to change trains to get to Engelberg.

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