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SeaWorld Orlando Rides, Attractions and Animal Experiences

When taking a trip to Orlando you may be looking for things to do in the area other than Disney World. Two of the most popular attractions besides Disney are Sea World and LEGOLAND.

If you enjoy seeing aquatic life and have a love of roller coasters, Sea World Orlando has plenty of exhibits, activities and rides for the whole family.

SeaWorld Orlando Rides, Attractions and Animal Experiences

SeaWorld Orlando Rides, Attractions and Animal Experiences

SeaWorld Orlando Rides

Mako Rollercoaster at Sea World

Roller Coasters: Kraken, Mako & Manta

f you love Roller Coasters, you are going to LOVE Sea World. This park may seem like it is all about animal encounters, but it has some of the best roller coasters in Orlando. Take your pick between Kraken, Mako and Manta.

Infinity Falls

Sea World Orlando also has plenty of water rides. Take a one of a kind ride down a lost jungle river. You will find soaking fountains and waterfalls and drop down a 40 foot slide!

Journey to Atlantis

On this flume ride, you will explore the lost city of Atlantis before taking a plunge down into the water below.

Antartica: Empire of the Penguin

 Follow a penguin named Puck on a journey into the icy world of Antarctica

Turtle Trek

Learn about the plight of sea turtles in this 360 degree theater. You will feel like you are part of the ocean as you get educated on environmental conditions that can cause these beautiful creatures harm.

Wild Arctic

Take an adventure on a thrilling jet-helicopter ride through the breathtaking, perilous, icy landscapes of the frozen tundra with a flight simulator ride.

Sting Ray Encounter at Sea World

SeaWorld Orlando Animal Encounters

Sting Ray Encounter

If you have to narrow your trip down to see only a few things, I would highly recommend that you spend some time on their hands-on exhibits like the Sting Ray encounter.

If you have never had a chance to be up close and personal with sea creatures, Sea World gives you to chance to not only feed them, but to also physically interact with them.

Dolphin Cove

Those that love dolphins will love this exhibit. Not only can you have a chance to see them jump & dive up close, you can also get a chance to hand feed a dolphin.

When you get to the Dolphin Cove, you will have two line choices.

One line (the longer of the two) will give you a chance to feed the dolphins by hand. The other will allow you to only observe the dolphins.

Jewel of the Sea Aquarium at Sea World Orlando

Jewel of Sea Aquarium & Shark Encounter

Who doesn’t love an aquarium. You will see plenty of beautiful fish along with other sea creatures like Sea Horses, Manna Rays and Sharks.

The highlight of the aquarium is the Shark Encounter where you can not only walk underneath these beasts but also watch the handlers feeding them.

Empire of the Penguin Habitat

Of all of the Sea World Orlando exhibits, the penguins are my favorite!

Here you can get a glimpse of a penguin colony in what looks like a real environment, they will interact with each other and swim under water in this expansive habitat.

SeaWorld Orlando Animal Shows

Sea Lion Show at Sea World

Sea Lion High

One of the cutest shows at Sea World Orlando is Sea Lion High. Clyde and Seamore go back to school in slippery pursuit of their diplomas.!

You will be surprised at how these creatures communicate with their handlers and kids will love how silly their behavior is!

Killer Whale Show at Sea World Orlando

Ocean Discovery

Learn about Orcas along with other other species of whales during a special educational show. You will walk away from this show really loving how beautifully it was put together.

Pets Ahoy

See what SeaWorld Orlando encouragement-based training can accomplish with pets that have been rescued.

This show puts a spotlight on pet adoption and giving animals a new chance at a happy life while involving them in cute tricks. The whole family will find this animal show adorable.

Sea World Orlando Tips

  • There are several shows at Sea World and the key to seeing them all is to plan your day according to the scheduled show times. Each main show attraction is in a different part of the park, so you might want to try to tackle one area at a time, otherwise you will spend your day walking around back & forth.
  • If you don’t want to waste an hour or more standing in line at the Dolphin Encounter, you can walk straight over to the Dolphin pool observation point to see them up close.
  • Those seated closest to the tank at Shamu Stadium will get wet! Be sure to look for the dry seats to avoid walking away soaked!
  • Antartica: Empire of the Penguin has two different types of ride experiences: You can choose a “mild” or “wild” version of this trackless, motion-based simulator experience.

Overall, Sea World Orlando is a great theme park that the entire family will enjoy. You will need at least one whole day to see everything there is to see here.

Tickets for Sea World

While you can purchase your tickets at the entrance to the park, we suggest you purchase tickets to Sea World online.

  • 1 Day in Advance Ticket per person $85.99
  • 2 Day in Advance Ticket per person $105.99

Many people take advantage of the SeaWorld Orlando Two Park Ticket so that they can do both Sea World and either Busch Gardens or Aquatica (the Sea World Waterpark).

Have you been to Sea World Orlando? What are you favorite parts of this theme park?

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