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5 Things to do in Verdun, France

One of the most popular things to do in Verdun, France is explore its rich history. The French town was the site of a battle during WWI and a trip here provides a fascinating glimpse into the war. While you can visit Verdun on a private tour, it is possible to also do it on your own.

Where is Verdun?

Verdun is located in the Lorraine region of France, on the banks of the River Meuse. It is about 230 km east of Paris and close to the German border.

It is a great base for exploring eastern France as it is within easy reach of Luxembourg City, Strasbourg, Reims, and Metz.

Why Visit Verdun?

During World War I, this was the site of one of Europe’s most famous battles, the Battle of Verdun.

Today, Verdun stands as an incredible reminder of our past conflicts while also paying tribute to those who gave their lives in such an unimaginable struggle for freedom.

While in Verdun, there are many things you will be able to experience.

Visitors can visit museums, monuments, battlefields, fortresses, memorials and more.

Be sure to wear good walking shoes, because a great deal of what you will see involves walking trails, hiking rocky surfaces, and traversing uneven terrain.

Wondering which WWI sites in Verdun you should prioritize?

5 Things to do in Verdun, France

  1. Visit Mémorial de Verdun
  2. Walk Village Fleury
  3. Explore Fort de Douaumont & Fort de Vaux
  4. Visit L’Ossuaire de Douaumont
  5. See The Bayonet Trench
Verdun Memorial in France

Verdun Memorial

If you only have time to visit one WWI spot in Verdun, it must be Verdun Mémorial.

When you arrive, you will first do the interior museum that will give you insight into the perspectives of both the French & German soldiers during WWI.

You will be totally immersed in visuals and interactive exhibits where you will get to see what it was like for the soldiers during trench warfare.

The museum also goes into detail about how Verdun was affected by the war. Expect to spend about 2 hours inside the museum.

Village Fleury

When you finish the museum, take a walk to the Village Fleury. Fleury-devant-Douaumont is a small village located in Grand Est in north-eastern France.

Battle of Verdun

During the Battle of Verdun, it was captured and recaptured by the Germans and French sixteen times.

Walking trail into Fleury

There is little to no evidence that this was once a very inhabited village full of people working and living.

That is because it is one of the nine villages that was completely destroyed during the Battle of Verdun in 1918.

Grounds of Fleury destroyed during WWI

As you walk the path, you can’t help but notice the expansive mounded landscape where the earth was destroyed by the bombing.

Among the divots are markers that show you where certain buildings once stood; a bakery, a farm, a school~ all gone.

What remains are newly grown trees and the grass-covered craters of earth.

Chapel in Fleury

While the village was never rebuilt, in the 1930s a small memorial chapel was erected on the site where the church once would have stood.

The chapel, later named Our Lady of Europe, pays tribute to all the soldiers who died.

Inside Fort de Vaux

Fort de Douaumont & Fort de Vaux

Once you have a good perspective on the lives of soldiers in WWI from your visit to Mémorial de Verdun, a good second (and third) stop is Fort Vaux & Fort Douaumont.

Fort de Vaux

Built in 1885, Fort Douamont was the most important fort that protected France from German invasions.

You can use an audio guide or a laminated paper guide.

The laminated guide will allow you to move about at your leisure and is perfect for those on limited time.

Be prepared for colder temperatures and damp flooring inside no matter what the temperature is outside.

You can also climb the top of the fort to see the iron gun emplacements that once rose out of the ground.

Both forts will give you a glimpse into what it was like to be a soldier in these fortified structures as they haven’t changed at all since last occupied.

L'Ossuarie de Douamont in Verdun France

L’Ossuaire de Douaumont

L’Ossuaire de Douaumont is a tribute to the French soldiers who fought in WWI.  Inside the monument, you will find the names of all those who died in service during WWWI etched into the walls.

Through the windows of the ossuary, you will find the bones that were recovered after the war and whose bodies went unidentified.

Graves at Douamount in France

Take time to tour the grounds. You will find sections showing respect for the different groups of soldiers making up the French army: Muslims, Jews, and Christians. 

The enormity of the complex will give you a great perspective on the number of lives lost.

Verdun France Memorial

Memorial to 137th Regiment of Infantry (The Bayonet Trench)

A mass grave of men from one unit, the 137th Infantry Regiment, is thought to have been buried alive after a chaplain three years later found some thirty-nine bayonets protruding from the ground.

Verdun Bayonet Memorial

You don’t have to be a war buff to enjoy a trip to see the WWI memorials in Verdun, France. These sites will give you a glimpse into history that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Not only will you be able to walk in the footsteps of the soldiers who fought here, but you will also be able to step into the places where people were living and working before becoming victims of the devastating effects of war.

I guarantee that it will affect the way you view your own military and the sacrifices they make you ensure the world around us remains safe.

Traveling to Verdun

Since these two cities are very popular among tourists, you can make the day trip to see the WWI sites in Verdun if you do some careful planning. The best way to do a day trip would be by train.

Getting to Verdun by Train

Take the East European high-speed train line (TGV Est Européen) to Meuse TGV station. This stop is 25 km from Verdun. From Paris, the trip takes 1 hour & about 1.5 hours from Strasbourg to get to the Meuse TGV.

Then take a shuttle bus from Meuse TGV to Verdun.

You can pay for the shuttle when buying your train ticket or pay the bus driver.

Traveling to Verdun by Car

From Paris or Reims:
By car: Take the A4 motorway and Exit 30, “Voie Sacrée”

From Strasbourg or Metz:
By car: Take the A4 motorway and Exit 31, “Verdun”

Verdun Tours

Full-Day Private Verdun Battlefield Tour from Paris (SEE PRICE)

Dive deep into World War I history on a private day tour from Paris to the Verdun battlefield. Itinerary highlights include the Ossuaire of Douaumont, Froideterre, Fort Douaumont, the Memorial of Verdun, and the Trench of the Bayonets. You’ll also have the opportunity to walk through the abandoned crater-filled village of Fleur-devant-Douaumont. Every step of the way, your guide will provide dynamic commentary that goes beyond the typical tourist guidebook.

Private Tour of the Verdun 1916 Battlefields from Reims (SEE PRICE)

Starting from REIMS (other location possible on demand) this tour will allow you to discover the sites of the 1916 battle of Verdun: trenches, monuments, memorials, bunkers… each tour is unique, if you want to follow in the footsteps of a relative or visit any specific site of interest to you we can build up a personalized tour and itinerary for you.

Have you visited Verdun, France? What was your experience?

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Chris Auker-Howlett

Monday 7th of August 2023

Hi I am a disabled ex British Army veteran (Wheelchair 80% can walk very short distance). I am visiting Verdun on 19th Aug on a road trip from Italy to Calais. Do you have any day trips on the 19th Aug for 2 people myself and walking carer?

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