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London West End Theater Tips

One of the most popular things to do in London is to see a West End theater show. London Theater Tickets are often much less expensive than what you would pay to see a show on Broadway in NYC and are just as amazing.

West End is the theater district in London and home to over 40 different theaters. You will find all different types of shows from comedies to musicals.

Thinking of going to see a theater performance while in London? We’ve gone some great London West End Theater Tips to share.

We’ve been to two London West End shows: Wicked and Aladdin. Each was absolutely fantastic and much less expensive than what we would have paid to see them on Broadway!

The cast was just as notable and you wouldn’t be able to notice a quality difference in the performances or the stage design in the slightest! Both shows we saw we outstanding!

London West End Theater Tips

West End Show Tickets

The best seats at the most popular shows go for around £70 (that’s about 30% less than you’d pay on Broadway).

The TKTS booth sells tickets at a discount. Tickets for the same day and the next two days are available at the TKTS booth. You can buy tickets at the physical booth in Leicester Square. Every week, TKTS highlights one show from the West End and usually offers it a discount or free gift.

There aren’t any ticket scalpers like in the states, so don’t go looking for cheap tickets from individuals on the street.

Ticket prices don’t change the closer you get to the show with the exception of same day show tickets.

Box Offices will sell you a ticket the day of show for a slight discount, but are available first come, first serve with a limit of two tickets per person.

You can purchase West End Ticket packages in advance where you can get show tickets plus dinner at a nearby restaurant.

London West End Theater Seating

West End Theater Seating

Stalls: This is the closest section to the stage giving your the best view and are the most expensive.

Circle: Divided into the Dress Circle and the Grand Circle, these seats also give a few a full view of the stage. These seats are moderately priced.

Balcony: Seats near the back of the auditorium that don’t have a great view (but do have a great price).

West End Theater Experience

Dress is casual. You can wear a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers if you would like.

Typically you can purchase a beverage deal at the ticket office where you get drink ticket vouchers for beer & wine for considerably less.

They usually sell ice cream in front of the stage during “intermission”

Matinee shows during the week, can be full of kids going on field trips (think kid-friendly shows like Matilda or Aladdin).

Theater Shows to See in London

Get a great deal on tickets and see a fabulous show while you are in London. These are the shows you should see while here:

]Have you seen a London West End show? Do you have any tips to share?

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Thursday 9th of August 2018

These are great tips! I was so shocked when I showed up at the theatre and saw the super casual dress code. And the tourists carrying all their shopping with them!

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