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10 Things to See at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen

One of the most beautiful buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark is Christiansborg Palace. Once the main residence of the royal family, the queen continues to use large parts of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen for gala dinners, parties, and formal receptions. If you are looking for things to do in Copenhagen, this palace should be on your list.

Christiansborg palace in Denmark

Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen is that it has an amazing history that dates back to the 12th century.

Since that time, it has been rebuilt three times due to fire!

It was during the third rebuild that it was discovered that there were actually two other castles in this space (previously Absalon’s Castle and Copenhagen Castle).

Today, Christiansborg Palace is the home to the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the offices of the Prime Minister.

During your tour of Christiansborg Palace, you will be able to see several different sections: The Royal Reception Rooms, The Great Hall and the Queen’s tapestries, The Royal Stables, The Royal Kitchen, The Ruins under the palace, and Christiansborg Palace Chapel.

There is a tour of Christiansborg Palace’s royal reception rooms in English at 3 pm daily, while tours of other areas are offered only on Saturdays.

10 Things to See at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen

10 Things to See at Christiansborg Palace

When visiting Christiansborg Palace, you will get to see quite a few things and these are the things you should make sure you don’t miss:

Danish Jewels on Display in Christiansborg Palace

1. Danish Royal Jewels

On display is one set of tiaras and diamond hair pieces worn by women in the royal family.

These Royal Jewels are stunning and only available to see when on display at the front of the palace.

2. The Royal Reception Rooms

These rooms are the highlight of the tour and are elaborately decorated and reek of opulence.

You can imagine the leaders of other countries mingling here or ladies in fancy dresses dancing in the ballroom.

Christiansborg Palace Throne Room

3. The Royal Throne Room

While the King & Queen no longer sit on the throne, it is the place in which all of Denmark’s rulers have been proclaimed.

It is pretty spectacular and certainly the focal point of both the Royal Reception rooms in Christiansborg.

Christiansborg Palace Tapestries

4. The Queen’s Tapestries in the Great Hall

To mark Queen Margrethe II’s 50th birthday in 1990, a series of 11 tapestries depicting 1000 years of Danish history was given by the Danish business community.

These tapestries are exquisite full of beautiful colors and have very detailed designs.

Library in Christianborg Palace

5. The Queen’s Library

The collection of books dates back to the reign of Frederick V (1746-1760).

Since then, thousands of books have been added. 

While many of the books have been moved to the current residence of the Queen (Amalienborg), the library is no less superb!

6. The Royal Stables & the Show Grounds

These stables are now all that remain of the first Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen.

The stables have held horses since the early 18th century and were the only building to survive the fire that destroyed the original Baroque palace.

The stable’s finest vehicle is the Golden State Coach which is coated with 24-carat gold leaf.

King Christian IX's equestrian statue

7. King Christian IX’s Equestrian Statue

Standing at the entrance to Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen is a statue featuring King Christian IX seated on his horse. It was commissioned after the King’s death and took 21 years to finish.

Christiansborg Palace Copenhagen Tower View

8. The Tower

The Tower in Christiansborg is the tallest in Copenhagen and is free to enter.

It will give you amazing views of Copenhagen! Access to the tower is FREE.

Courtesy Thorkild Jensen

9. The Palace Chapel

The architect of the Palace Chapel at Christiansborg was inspired by Roman architecture which is evident in the use of pillars that adorn the entrance as well as the dome that was based on the Pantheon.

The Danish Royal Family has used this chapel since 1826 for weddings, family baptisms, confirmations, and officials lying in state.

10. Christiansborg Palace Ruins

In the underground excavations under Christiansborg Palace, you can explore the ruins of the first two buildings on the site: Bishop Absalon’s medieval castle and the fairytale Copenhagen Castle, which was demolished in 1731.

The only thing you will see that is impressive is a stone wall from the 12th century.

Really, it is just a bunch of rocks, and not worth spending too much time on.

Bringing Kids to Christiansborg

If you are traveling to Christiansborg Palace with kids, they will enjoy taking part in a free mobile scavenger hunt.

Guests just need to download the app from App Store or Google Play and choose Christiansborg Palace.

In “The Museums Mystery,” the sneaky thief, Heidenreich, is planning to steal one of the priceless treasures at Christianborg Palace.

It is up to the children to stop him and this can only be done by solving his mischievous riddles.

Luckily, the righteous Professor Blom is there to help you, and together you must explore the halls of the palace to obtain the clues you need in order to stop Heidenreich.

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Paul Pedersen

Sunday 10th of December 2017

It's been many years since I toured Christiansborg. Regrettably, I wasn't aware of the availability of the tower, so I'll have to do that next time I'm back.

If you want to see an extensive display of the crown jewels, consider a tour of Rosenborg Slot. The castle itself is interesting to tour with all the historic rooms, furnishings and art. The crown jewel display is accessed from a door at the side of the castle, well guarded, as you can imagine.

Rosenborg has beautiful grounds, too, and well worth a stroll, especially if you're there in the summer.


Sunday 10th of September 2017

Perfect timing - I'm going next week! Thanks for the tips and advice for what's inside - I might have skipped it, but after seeing your photos I should really consider it.


Saturday 9th of September 2017

Oh my! We didn't have enough time to see the full palace :( We just did the free tower for the view. I guess I will have ro return to Copenhagen! Hahah thanks for sharing

Fran Norero

Sunday 13th of August 2017

Wow so beautyful i did't even know about this castle!! Love it!

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