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How to Spend a Day in Freiburg, Germany

Considered the gateway to Germany’s Black Forest, Freiburg’s narrow streets are paved in cobblestone and its buildings are a mix of old & new. Those spending a day in Freiburg will enjoy experiencing German culture at its finest!

Known for its beautiful architecture and cobblestone town squares, it will probably be hard for you to imagine that this city was once mere rubble after the extensive bombing in World War II.

When the Germans decided to rebuild they used old medieval street plans of the city that included all the former landmarks.

Visitors will find Freiburg pedestrian-friendly, so make sure that you wear comfortable shoes that can handle the cobblestone streets.

How to Spend a Day in Freiburg, Germany

When all you have is a day in Freiburg, make sure that you see some of the most popular sites in this beautiful German city.

While you won’t have time to do it all, you will be able to experience many of the most popular things to do in Freiburg.

A Day in Freiburg Itinerary

  1. Walking Tour
  2. Freiburg Minster
  3. Agustinerplatz
  4. Augustinermuseum
  5. Martinstor
  6. German Dinner
  7. Biergarten
Freiburg Guided Tour

Take a Guided Tour

The best way to start your day in Freiburg is with a guided tour.

Locals dress up in costume take visitors around the city and explain the history of Freiburg.

Because they are locals, they know all the hidden details and important historical facts that you might otherwise miss if you try to tour Freiburg on your own.

Typically, the tour begins in front of the Freiburg Minster.

Frieburg Minster

Tour Freiburg Minster

This is the only original landmark that remains as it exactly was before the war.

The cathedral was built in 1200 in the late Romanesque style but took nearly three hundred years to fully complete.

By the time of the Middle Ages, it was transformed into the more Gothic-style cathedral that you see today.

The interior of Freiburg Minster is beautiful and is known for its striking high altar by Hans Baldung Grien.

Stained Glass Windows in Freiburg Minster

The stained glass inside the church is also worth a closer look. When the church was built, different guilds paid for the windows.

When the designs were created, the guild would incorporate a feature to show which guild paid for that window.

Freiburg Minster in Germany

The most striking feature of the church is the Minster Tower which is the only Gothic church tower in Germany

The tower can be climbed by visitors and it gives some of the most impressive views of the city.

Freiburg Minster Side

After you go inside, take time to walk around the cathedral. The details are pretty amazing.


You will find 91 individual gargoyles on the exterior of the cathedral.

They served two functions; to keep evil demons away and to protect the cathedral’s walls from rainwater.

Architecture in Freiburg Germany

Admire the Historic Old Town

Make sure to take your time walking around the different squares in the city so that you can admire all the work done to make it look like it once did.

Freiburg St. George's Statue

As you walk through town, you may see many different references to St. George, who is the patron saint of Freiburg.

You will also find Rheinkiesel mosaics throughout the city.

These cobbled stone markers explain the type of shop or business in the building it lies in front of.

Freiburg Architecture


The historic Kaufhaus was formerly the Merchants Hall.

Constructed in the early 16th century, it once served as the center of trade in the region.

Merchants would enter through the city gates and come straight here to have their items inspected before paying their customs fees.

It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Freiburg with its vibrant red exterior adorned with decorated turrets and wide arcades.

New Town Hall

The New Town Hall has a unique history in that it is older than the Old Town Hall.

This is because the original town hall is made up of two buildings that lie on either side of the New Town Hall.

Those two buildings date back to the 1500s and the center building of the New Town Hall wasn’t built until the late 19th century.

The whitewashed New Town Hall building has large bay windows and a balcony with a clock tower in the center.

Bächles in Freiburg

Visitors will find kids floating boats and dipping their feet in the small channels of water, or Bächles that run through town. 

Fed by the Dreisam River, these small waterways flow through many of the Old Town streets and are a way for locals to cool off during the summer or for kids to play in all year long.

Legend has it that if a single person accidentally stumbles into a Bächle, they will marry a Freiburger.

Freiburg Gate

Walk Through Martinstor

Another popular historic site to see in Freiburg is Martin’s Gate or Martinstor.

This is one of two remaining historic gates to the city that dates back to the 1200s. While it has been reconstructed several times, it still adds wonderful characters to the city.

Be sure to walk up to it to see it up close.

There is a plaque inside the gate to memorialize victims of a witch hunt.

Three widows of city councilors: Anna Wohlffartin, Catharina Stadelmennin, and Margaretha Mößmerin were beheaded and burnt during the first wave of persecutions around 1600.

Augustiner Museum in Freidburg

Visit Augustinermuseum

Also in this square is the Augustinermuseum, a former Augustinian convent that has some wonderful artifacts to see.

Religous Statues in Augustiner Museum

Inside you will find many of the original stained glass pieces and various sculptures from the Freiburg Minster.

Freiburg Meyerhof German Meal

Eat Authentic German Food

Don’t leave Freiburg without having an authentic German food experience. Germany is known for its Wienerschnitzel and Spatzel.

German Restaurant

Our favorite spot to dine is at Meyerhof which has a small indoor seating area featuring authentic German food and local beer.

Be sure to book a reservation because this place fills up quickly!

Hausbrauerei Feierling Authentic German Organic Brewery & Beer Garden

Try the Local Beer

You also should consider visiting a local beer garden. We chose to visit Hausbrauerei Feierling and were glad we did.

Beer Garden in Freiburg

Hausbrauerei Feierling has plenty of casual outdoor seating and several beers on tap, including their own.

You can take a look at the beer-making process or just sit back and relax with a cold beer.

Traditional German fare is also served.

Where to Stay in Freiburg

Designhotel am Stadtgarten: 4 Star Hotel with a restaurant on-site and within walking distance to all tourist attractions.

Motel One Freiburg: Great location in the heart of Freiburg 

StayInn Freiburg – Hostel: Budget-friendly with a private bath & the building has a rooftop terrace.

Day Trips from Freiburg Germany

Because Freiburg is located in the south-west of Germany, close to the borders of both France and Switzerland, it makes a great place to rest your head while you make day trips to surrounding towns and cities.

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