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Harry Potter Oxford University Filming Locations

If you are traveling to Oxford, England and are a fan of Harry Potter, there are a few places you will want to make sure you see because they are straight out of the movies! Yes, you read that right! There are Harry Potter Oxford University filming locations that you can see while in the area.

The key is to plan ahead.

While you can see many of the places on your own, if you want to see certain ones, you will need to plan in advance as some places are only going to let you in if you are on a private tour.

Nevertheless, any Harry Potter fan will want to make sure they check out the following filming locations.

Harry Potter Oxford University Filming Locations

These are the Harry Potter filming locations you will want to check out when touring Oxford University:

Oxford Christ Church University

Christ Church University: Bodley Tower

If you want to see two famous sites tied to Harry Potter, you will want to go to Bodley Tower.

The first Harry Potter filming location will actually take you to the second location that also has ties to the Harry Potter films.

Christ Church Staircase to Great Hall

Walking up the large concrete Bodley staircase should make you feel as though you are walking in the same steps as Harry, Hermoine and Ron.

This is because it is one of the very first times we get to see the interior of Hogwarts in Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone.

During this scene, students are shown walking up this very staircase as Professor McGonagall explains the house system.

Oxford Christ Church Great Hall

The staircase actually leads you to The Great Hall, where Oxford students eat.

While not an actual filming location, is the location that inspired the Grand Dining Hall in Hogwarts.

The original Grand Dining Hall used in filming can be seen on the Warner Brother Studios tour (which I highly recommend).

Christ Church Cloisters

When you see Hogwarts students walking from class to class, usually they are seen walking through church cloisters.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, you will find Harry & Ron walking through the cloisters when Harry learns that he will be the next Seeker.

Bodeian Library in Oxford

Bodleian Library

Nearby at The Bodleian Library, you will be able to find the building that served as Hogwarts infirmary.

Unfortunately, the building isn’t open to the public. You can however do a tour to see the filming locations!

Oxford Divinity School

You can’t tell from the outside, but on the inside you will recognize several filming locations including the Hogwarts Infirmary.

It is also where Harry and Hermione use the time turner to save Buckbeak (the hippogriff) and Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.,Bodleian_Library,_Oxford,_UKDiliff.jpg#/media/File:Duke_Humfrey’s_Library_Interior_2,_Bodleian_Library,_Oxford,_UK-_Diliff.jpg

Duke Humfrey’s Library

Also located in the Bodleian Library, is Duke Humfrey’s Library. This real library was the film location for many scenes for the Hogwarts library.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, you will remember this area from when Harry goes looking for answers in the restricted section of Hogwarts’ library. This is when he uses his invisibility cloak to wander through the stacks!

As you can see, there are some great Harry Potter sites you will want to check out if you are visiting Oxford!

Need a tour? Here are some you can choose from:

Popular Harry Potter Oxford University Tours

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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