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Visiting Lacock Abbey: Harry Potter Filming Locations

If you’re looking for a day out in Wiltshire, consider visiting Lacock Abbey. This former monastery, nestled in the Wiltshire countryside of southern England, is a great place to see if you are interested in monastic history, photography, or Harry Potter!

About Lacock Abbey

Founded in 1232, Lacock Abbey is one of the oldest monastic buildings in Britain.

After the dissolution of monasteries during the reign of King Henry VIII, the abbey was abandoned and later added upon & turned into a private residence.

The National Trust now owns Lacock Abbey and has taken great precision into bringing it back to its former glory during the Victorian era.

Also part of the tour of Lacock Abbey is the Fox Talbot Museum, which explores the history of photography, Talbot’s contributions, and rotating photography exhibitions.

Lacock Abbey Harry Potter Filming Locations

Lacock Abbey Harry Potter Filming Locations

Harry Potter fans will love visiting Lacock Abbey to see the Harry Potter filming locations.

One of the first things you will see when you arrive to Lacock Abbey is the cloisters.

Lacock Abbey Cloisters

You may find that it looks quite familiar. That is because it was used in the filming of several Harry Potter movies.

Hogwarts Corridors were actually the Cloister at LaCock. This is where the students would walk from one class to another.

It is also where the scene where Harry stumbles upon Professor Snape arguing with Professor Quirrell while wearing the invisibility cloak.

Just off the Cloistors are several rooms of the abbey that were also used as filming locations for The Sorcerer’s Stone.

Professor Snape’s Potions Classroom was filmed in the Sacristy of Lacock Abbey.

Courtesy Warner Brothers

In the first two films, you will clearly see the trademark ceilings and pillars when the film pans in on Professor Snape.

The Warming Room at Lacock Abbey features an iron cauldron & was used as Professor Quirrel’s classroom. 

The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom for the first Harry Potter movie was filmed in the Warming Room at Lacock Abbey. It features an iron cauldron that actually belonged to the Abbey.

Later scenes for this classroom were filmed at Warner Brothers Studios & you can see them on the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studios tour.)

Remember when Harry first stood in front of the Mirror of Erised? This was filmed in the Chapter House of Lacock Abbey.

Courtesy Warner Brothers

As you can see, during the filming, concrete pillars were added.

Lacock Abbey Main House

Apart from the Harry Potter filming locations in the abbey, the main house is also worth seeing.

The home was built adjacent to the cloisters on what would have originally been part of the Abbey.

Through the years, the home underwent several renovations through the changing ownership and lacks any real substantial details that link it to the abbey.

Nevertheless, it is worth checking out.

Inside, you will find fully furnished rooms, an extensive book collection owned by William Henry Fox Talbot, and an elegant great hall.

Lacock Abbey Courtyard

One of the best features is the Tudor stable courtyard. It includes what was once a brewhouse & bakehouse.

Because the Abbey has been through several different eras of ownership, you will find varying styles of architecture.

Lacock Abbey Gardens

Don’t miss walking down to the beautiful Victorian garden that was designed by the mother of Henry Fox Talbot.

The restoration of the garden was based on a photograph that William Talbot took in 1840.

Overall, Lacock Abbey is a nice place to visit, but especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter.

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