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Guide to Visiting England

Guide to Visiting England

Those planning a trip to England will have a lot to look forward to seeing and doing. The most important thing is that you prepare for the experiences that await you by understanding a few things that make England unique. Use this guide to visiting England as a tool for learning a little more about one of the most visited countries in the world.

Guide to Visiting England

View of London Bridge

What should I know before visiting England?

When traveling to England, you should first have a good understanding of the United Kingdom. England is the country itself, Great Britain refers to England, Scotland and Wales, and the United Kingdom is all of Great Britain along with Northern Ireland

You don’t need a car when you are in England. Nearly every place you would like to go can be traveled to via the Underground or by train. Tickets are available in train stations (can be purchased in person or through an automatic machine) and you can find train times online.

It’s common knowledge that everyone drives on the left. What you may not realize that you should also walk on the left (this includes escalators & stairs).

When it comes to etiquette, you will want to make sure that you mind your manners. This is especially true when you are lining up. Brits call waiting in line “queuing” and they have no tolerance for line jumpers.

What Currency does England Use?

The official currency of England is the pound sterling (£).  Bank notes are available in £5, £10, £20 and £50 denominations. Each note has a distinct color. Coins come in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 pence, £1 and £2 increments. Visa and Mastercard are also widely accepted.

Unlike Europe, It is customary to leave 10-15% tip when dining out. No need to tip at a bar.

What are the different dialects in England?

While England does speak English, there are different regional dialects including Cockney, Scouse, and Geordie.  Think of it from an American perspective it is like having a Southern , Midwestern or Boston accent.

British vs. American English: 63 Differences (Infographic)

And while they do speak English, some words hold different meanings in England than they do in the United States.

England Travel Tips
Shakespeare Theater in London

Touring Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London

If you are a fan of the works of William Shakespeare, then be sure to do the Shakespeare Globe tour in London.

Hampton Court Palace Day Trip

Hampton Court Palace of Henry the VIII

If you are staying in London, consider taking a day trip to Hampton Court Palace. This is 1 of only 2 surviving palaces of King Henry VIII. 

Tower Bridge Exhibition in London

London Tower Bridge Exhibition Tour

By touring the Tower Bridge Exhibition, you will be able to learn the fascinating history of the structure, see how the bridge opens and see impressive views of London and the Thames from the top of the bridge.

Watching Changing of the Guard in London

St. James’s Palace Changing of the Guard Ceremony

While you can’t tour the Palace, you can visit to see the changing of the guard at St. James’s Palace at Friary Court.

Hadrian's Wall

Best Place to See Hadrian’s Wall: Housesteads Roman Fort

One of the things you really should do while you are in Northumberland is see Hadrian’s Wall. While there are a few different places you can go to see it, …

Tower of London Tour

Tower of London Beefeater Tour

If you are visiting London, one of the things you want to make sure that you give yourself time for is the Tower of London Beefeater Tour. 

4 Day London Trip Itinerary

4 Day London Itinerary of Everything to See

Here is a 4 day London itinerary that allows you to see some of the best parts of London & includes Stonehenge, Windsor & Salisbury. 

Big Bus London Tour

Big Bus London Tours: Hop on Hop off Stops to Make

If you are planning a to visit London you really should do one of the Big Bus London Tours. The bus will take you throughout London and the buroughs to …

Canterbury Cathedral

Perfect Canterbury Day Trip Itinerary

A Canterbury day trip involves learning about the Roman influence in the town, visiting one of the most famous Cathedrals in England and seeing some amazing architecture.

Bolsover Castle

Tour of Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire England

A tour of Bolsover Castle, will allow you to take in the once lavish rooms, walk the terrace wall, and take in the views of Derbyshire.

Somerset England Sites to See

Places to Visit in Somerset, England

If you are planning a trip to Somerset England, you will have plenty of things to see and do. These are some of our favorite places to visit.

Great London Day Trips by Car

Best Day Trips from London by Car

London is full of historic sites to see, but if you want to venture beyond the city, there are some great day trips from London by car.

Day Trip to Dover Castle in England

Things to do in Dover England for the Day

There are many things to do in Dover, England. Two of the most popular are seeing the picturesque white cliffs & Dover Castle. Things to do in Dover on a …

Best 3 Family Restaurants in London

3 Best Places to Eat with Kids in London

We’ve been to London several times with our kids and have found what we believe to be the best places to eat with kids in London.

London One Day Itinerary

One Day in London: Itinerary of What to See

When you only have one day in London, you are going to have to plan your trip carefully. London is a big place and there are so many amazing sites to see.

Tips for London West End Shows

London West End Theater Tips

Thinking of going to see a show while in London? We’ve gone some great London West End Theater Tips to share with you.

Touring Shakespeare sites in Stratford upon Avon & London

Shakespeare Tour: Stratford upon Avon & London Sites

William Shakespeare is known as the greatest writer in English history and the mark he made on literature is great. If you love Shakespeare (like I do), you should make …

Glastonbury England Day Trip

What to do in Glastonbury UK for the Day

Glastonbury is a small new age town that lies in South West England, about a 3.5 hour drive from London. There are several points of interest, but the top three …

Canterbury in Kent

8 Popular Things to do in Canterbury UK

Whether you are in town for just one day or many, you will find that there are many things to do in Canterbury. Here are our favorites…

Wells England Trip Tips

Spending the Day in Wells, England

During your day in Wells, England, you are going to be able to see just about everything the town has to offer.

Southern England Sites

8 Places to Visit in South England

If you are considering a trip to London and looking for places to visit in South England, he are a list of 8 cities worth checking out!

Spending the Weekend in York England

Weekend in York Itinerary

Spending 2 days in York allows you to see what life was life during the time of Romans & Vikings, visit a historic Cathedral & more.

York Chocolate Story

York’s Chocolate Story Tour & Experience

The impact of chocolate on the town of York is pretty amazing & at every turn of a York’s Chocolate Story tour, you will learn something new.

Windsor England List of Things to Do

5 Things to do in Windsor (Day Trip from London)

If you are planning a day trip from London, you will not be short on things to do in Windsor. In fact, I am sure that you could spend an entire weekend in Windsor and not experience everything!

Places to Visit in England

13 Best Places to Visit in England

Wondering which are the best places to visit in England? We have a great list of places we think you should add to your bucket list.

Visiting York England

Best Things to do in York, England

Some of the things to do in York involve seeing what life was life during the time of Romans and the Vikings, visiting a Gothic Cathedral and discovering how York became a chocolate empire!

Spending the Day in Windsor England

Windsor Castle Tour: What You Will See

If you are visiting London, you should certainly make time to do a Windsor Castle tour. It will give you a rare chance to see the inside.

View of Bath England

10 Things to See in Bath, England

If you are making a plan on what to do while in town, we are going to share with you our list of top 10 things to see in Bath, England.

Cathedral in Salisbury

Best Things to do in Salisbury UK

Some of the best things to do in Salisbury UK is to visit Salisbury Cathedral where you can see a copy of the Magna Carta, walk Old Sarum and explore the first settlement, and enjoy the Medieval architecture that lines the streets.

Stonehenge Site in England

Visiting Stonehenge & Avebury (Day Trip from London)

Those who are planning a trip to London might be interested in visiting Stonehenge and Avebury. Both towns are steeped in a rich history that dates back to the Neolithic period!

Buckingham Palace Guard

Changing of the Guard in London

Changing of the Guard ceremony is one of the most iconic and famous attractions in London. You’ll be glad to know that you can see the changing of the guard …

The London Pass

17 London Pass Attractions You MUST DO

The London Pass gets you free entry into popular London Pass attractions and the ability to by-pass many lines. These are our 17 MUST DO Experiences.

Pultney Bridge in Bath England

How to Spend One Day in Bath

Just an hour and half to the West of London lies Bath, an English city named for its thermal hot springs in which the Romans would bathe. Because of it’s …

Touring Oxford England

Things to See on an Oxford Walking Tour

There is more to Oxford than meets the eye. In order to get the most out of a day trip to Oxford, you should take an Oxford walking tour.

Oxford Christ Church University

Harry Potter Oxford University Filming Locations

If you are traveling to Oxford, England and are a fan on Harry Potter, there are a few places you will want to make sure you see because they are …

Harry Potter Tour at Warner Brothers Studio in London

BEST Harry Potter Theme Park: London Warner Brothers Studio Tour

See why the Warner Brothers Studio Tour is the best Harry Potter Experience in London & why you should put it on your must do list!

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