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Best Ways to Spend One Day in Bath, England

Just an hour and a half to the West of London lies Bath, an English city named for its thermal hot springs in which the Romans would bathe. Because of its location, coming from London to Bath by train or car is easy. If you have the time, be sure to take the time to spend at least one day in Bath.

Roman Baths in Bath England

Bath is chocked full of Roman history and because of this, it is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A day trip to Bath will allow you to see things you won’t see in any other part of the English countryside!

While you can use a guide to give you a walking tour of Bath, we did just fine on our own.

How to Spend One Day in Bath England

One Day Bath Itinerary

  1. Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
  2. Royal Crescent
  3. Sally Lunns
  4. Roman Baths
  5. Jane Austen Centre
  6. Bath Abbey
  7. Bath Spa

How to Spend One Day in Bath, England

If you are coming from London to Bath for the day, you can expect to do quite a bit.

While the Roman Baths are the main draw to the city, you will find that there are many other things you can experience while here.

Pulteney Bridge in Bath

Pulteney Bridge

When you arrive in Bath one of the first landmarks you will discover is Pulteney Bridge.

Crossing over the River Avon, this bridge was built in 1774 and was designed after bridges found in Venice, Italy.

Much of Bath is designed in Georgian Architecture and this bridge is no different. Enjoy the view and the beautiful backdrop for a selfie!

Terrace Walk

Make your way down the Terrace Walk and take a minute to pop in the Tourist Office located there.

The Bath Visitor Information Center is a great source for everything from information and tickets to maps of the area.

The people there are lovely and will help you find just what you need to make your time in Bath special.

Bath Sightseeing Bus

When you only have one day in Bath, I suggest that you begin your trip with the Bath Hop on Hop off bus tour so that you can get your lay of the land and get an overview of some of the more popular sites.

While the entire tour of Bath takes approximately 50 minutes, you can hop on and off whenever you like to stop at a place of interest.

Royal Crescent in Bath Engladn

The Royal Crescent

One of the stops on the Hop on Hop Off Bus tour of Bath is The Royal Crescent.

It is a row of 30 terraced houses laid out in a semi-ellipse that was built in the mid-18th century and overlooks a well-manicured park.

Bridgerton fans will remember this building from the series! In fact, if you love Bridgerton, you probably should download this self-guided tour of Bridgerton sites in Bath.

The Royal Crescent is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since it is a perfect example of Georgian architecture.

Sally Lunn Eating House in Bath

Sally Lunn’s Eating House

Want to know what it was really like in Bath in 1680? Head over to Sally Lunn’s Eating House.

You will get to walk inside Bath’s oldest house & see the kitchen Huguenot baker Sally Lunn used to create her famous Bath bun.

Sally Lunn's Buns
Courtesy Sally Lunn Eating House

Serving authentic historical dishes for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner, you will want to be sure to stop here for a quick bite to eat during your day in Bath just to experience the Bath bun.

Roman Baths in England

Roman Baths

The main attraction is the Roman Baths and you will not want to miss this on your day in Bath!

In the heart of the city, below the current city streets is an extensive set of Roman ruins along with an interactive museum about the Romans that once lived in Bath.

While you can purchase your tickets at the door, you will save up to 10% if you book them ahead of time online.

Roman Baths

The trip into the Roman bath complex allows you to see the actual baths that the Romans would use in ancient times. The Great Bath is the focal point of the Roman Bath Experience.

Thermal springs from below the ground, heat the water.

Currently, it is open air, but in ancient times it would have had a roof.

Roman Bath Artifacts

Not only will you see the Roman baths, but you will see ancient Roman artifacts and sculptures.

If you buy your tickets on the spot, your tour will include an audio guide that will explain each detail.

Underground Baths, ancient water chambers

There are even some parts that are narrated by Bill Bryson (national best-selling author).

While you can take a free guided tour, we prefer experiencing the Roman Bath at our leisure.

Ancient Roman Bath Characters

During your day in the Roman Baths, you will see ancient items excavated from this site alongside costumed characters who are based on real people who lived and worked at Aquae Sulis more than 2000 years ago.

Take the time to speak with them and you will find that they don’t break character!

Roman Bath kids activities

If you are traveling from London to Bath with children, you will find that the Roman Baths are very child-friendly.

There is an audio guide specifically geared toward kids and activities they can complete while touring the site.

Roman Bathhouse Pump Room Restaurant

If you happen to visit during afternoon tea, the Pump Room is a gorgeous spot to unwind. They even have live music during certain parts of the day.

Jane Austen Center

Visit the Jane Austen Center

You don’t have to be a Jane Austen fan to appreciate this living museum.

Not only will you learn about the life history of Jane Austen, you will be able to see how Bath inspired some of her works.

The museum also does a great job of showcasing what life was like during the Regency Era in which she lived.

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

The history of Bath Abbey is quite lengthy.

The first King of England, King Edgar was crowned here in 973 and set the precedent for the coronation of all future Kings and Queens of England.

In 1539, King Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of all monasteries so Bath Abbey was ransacked and left for ruin for nearly 70 years.

Like many other English abbeys, the stained glass was removed and the roof was stripped for lead.

Back of Bath Abbey

It wasn’t until the early 1600s that the Abbey began being repaired and used as a parish church.

During the 1800’s, the architect George Manners added new pinnacles and flying buttresses, built a new organ on a screen over the crossing, added galleries over the choir, and installed extra seating.

Bath Abbey Tower Tour

Tower Tours are fully guided and will show you the Abbey from a different perspective, giving you glimpses of things you might not otherwise get to see.

You will start by visiting the ringing room and bell chamber and finish by climbing the 212 steps to the top of the tower where you will get to see amazing views of Bath & the countryside.

The fully guided tour lasts about 45 minutes and tickets can be purchased from the Abbey shop on the day of your visit.

Therma Spa at Night

Visit the Thermal Spas in Bath

A great way to end your one day in Bath is by visiting one of the local Thermal Spas.

After a day of walking, there is no better way to relax and allow your muscles to rest than by being immersed in the local thermal baths.

There are several in the area, but one of the most popular is Thermae Bath Spa.

It has two natural thermal baths, an open-air rooftop pool and an indoor pool, and a large Wellness Suite with two aromatic steam rooms, an Ice Chamber, an Infrared Sauna, and a Celestial Relaxation Room.

Where to Stay in Bath

When choosing a place to stay in Bath, one that is closest to all the attractions is a must. These are three of our favorite places to stay in Bath:

Getting to Bath from London

London to Bath Train Trip

Bath is such a wonderful city and is one of my favorite day trips from London. Getting from London to Bath by train is quite easy.

Take the train from Paddington Station. Trains leave every 30 minutes and take approximately 90 minutes to get to Bath.

The station at Bath is Bath Spa. It is a 5-10 minute walk to the Roman Baths from the train station.

Need to Store Your Luggage in Bath?

If you are traveling to Bath for one day and need a place to put your luggage, Bath has storage locations throughout the city. They are relatively inexpensive because you only pay per bag and can be used for the full day.

While one day in Bath isn’t near enough time to see everything, we hope this list gives you some ideas on how to spend your time.

Special thanks to Visit Bath for sponsoring part of our trip to Bath, England.

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Wednesday 4th of July 2018

My son has visited Bath, but I think the tour only allowed time for the Roman Baths. Thanks for letting us know that we have other places to visit while there.

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